November 17, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia – Spin Transfer Technologies is pleased to announce at the 55th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials the first STT-MRAM device deploying the company’s proprietary orthogonal spin transfer technology with a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) for memory state read-out. The introduction of the MTJ element makes the memory device compatible with CMOS logic, and takes the orthogonal spin transfer technology a major step closer to commercialization.

Details of the device and performance characteristics are to be presented in the session on Magnetic Random Access Memory. Key highlights include: deterministic switching, resulting in no incubation delays; 100% probability of switching with 500 picosecond pulses utilizing only 250 femtoJoules of energy; 100% magnetoresistance ratio, providing a highly sensitive readout of the magnetic state; and bipolar switching behavior (switching upon either polarity of current pulse) potentially allowing simpler or fewer CMOS elements. The research was performed by Spin Transfer Technologies’ collaborators at New York University, led by Professor Andrew Kent, with industrial collaborators Singulus Technologies NDT and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

“This achievement in device performance represents a major step in the direction of commercial product development, and allows us to expand our efforts in the coming months,” said Vincent Chun, General Manager of Spin Transfer Technologies.

About Spin Transfer Technologies

Spin Transfer Technologies, LLC was established by Allied Minds and New York University to develop and commercialize its orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory technology, OST-MRAM. The technology was originally developed from the nano-magnetism research conducted in the laboratory of Professor Andrew Kent. His research into spin transfer induced reversal of magnetization orientation showed that switching magnetic orientations can be accomplished much faster than in conventional spin transfer approaches. This discovery has enormous implications for the development of spin transfer MRAM devices, including faster switching times, lower power operation and scalability to smaller dimensions. For more information, please visit

About Allied Minds

Allied Minds is a U.S. capital investment firm with offices in Boston and Los Angeles.  With over $200M in assets, the Company creates startup businesses based on early-stage technology developed at renowned U.S. universities and national labs, and serves as a holding company that supports these businesses with capital, management and shared services. Allied Minds is the premier firm to utilize this novel and fully integrated approach to technology investing. The Company’s subsidiary investments span multiple business sectors and offer an attractive risk-return profile, a deliverable timeline and potential products that will be groundbreaking in their respective fields. These subsidiaries include BA Logix, Biotectix, Cephalogics, CryoXtract, Illumasonix, ProGDerm, Precision Biopsy, Purtein, RF Biocidics, SaltCheck, SiEnergy Systems, SoundCure and Spin Transfer Technologies. For more information, please visit