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Spin Memory has enabled the development of a new kind of magnetic memory that offers advantages in density, endurance, speed, power efficiency, cost and reliability. Learn more about our STT-MRAM technologies and how they are changing the future of memory.


“How Spin Memory is using MRAM to solve the scaling and power problems of today’s memories.”
Tom Sparkman (CEO) is interviewed by Actual Tech Media

“The implications of advanced MRAM technologies”
Andy Walker, Ph. D. (VP Product) is interviewed by Actual Tech Media

“A look inside Spin Memory’s lab”
Mustafa Pinarbasi, Ph.D. (CTO and SVP of Magnetics Technology) is interviewed by Actual Tech Media

“Spin Memory Fab Tour”
World Class Nano Fabrication Capabilities.

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Discover how Spin Memory’s breakthrough STT-MRAM technologies are delivering memory for the digital age.

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