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Partnership with
World Leaders

Strategic partnerships with arm and applied materials to establish
MRAM as the alternative to on-chip SRAM and other non-volatile memories.

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MRAM Breakthrough
From Spin Memory.

New precessional spin currentTM structure.
Advancing MRAM for sram and dram applications.

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Spin Memory. Delivering Memory For The Digital Age.

Al, hyper-scale datacenters, self-driving cars, IoT, mobile and more. New innovations, applications and computing advancements are coming at a blistering pace — and memory is at the heart of all of them. With SRAM and DRAM hitting their size and power limits, Spin Memory is collaborating with world leaders to transform the semiconductor industry by offering MRAM solutions to replace on-chip SRAM and non-volatile memories — and by developing the next generation of persistent memories that match DRAM performance levels. Memory that will enable the digital experiences of today and tomorrow.

Through our commercial agreements with Arm and Applied Materials, Spin Memory is the nexus of the MRAM IP ecosystem.

Discover the Spin Memory Difference.

Spin Memory’s innovative circuits together with our advanced magnetics provide the industry’s highest-performance, and highest-density STT-MRAM memories.

Size of SRAM

Smaller sizes mean more memory, smaller dies.

>IE13 Cycles

Performance that meets any application requirements.

R/W Speed

SRAM speed for any R/W pattern, any address.

Logic Nodes

Continues scaling well, unlike SRAM.

Zero Leakage

Bitcells retain state with zero applied power.

Proven Technologies

Spin Memory is using MRAM to solve the scaling and power problems of today’s memories. Our patented technologies enable STT-MRAM to cost-effectively replace DRAM and SRAM with a denser, lower-power and non-volatile solution.

Precessional Spin CurrentTM (PSCTM) Structure

Spin Memory’s PSC structure significantly increases pMTJ efficiency by 40 to 70% — enabling higher data retention while reducing write current.

Endurance EngineTM Design Architecture

Spin Memory’s Endurance Engine enables up to 6 orders of magnitude improvement in endurance while enabling SRAM like Read and Write speeds and works with any pMTJ.


Spin Memory’s unique pMTJ technologies enable ultra high-density 2X diameter and smaller pMTJs with faster Read/Write speeds.

Ultra High-Density 3D/MLC

Spin Memory’s 3D/MLC technologies are the basis of the company’s future products for magnetic DRAM and Storage-Class Memory replacement.

MRAM is attracting a lot of attention as an embedded memory for ASICs and MCUs, but issues of write current and data retention have caused concern. Spin Transfer Technologies’ new PSC structure shows a lot of promise to solve a number of those issues and pave the path for MRAM to take a significant share of the embedded memory market.

Jim Handy

General Director of Objective Analysis

Emerging applications, especially those using batteries, such as AR/VR, IoT and many machine learning applications need non-volatile alternatives to SRAM and DRAM. STT-MRAM enables these technologies to do more with less power. Advances such as Spin Memory’s PSC structure will enable the next generation of MRAM.

Tom Coughlin

President of Coughlin Associates, Inc.

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